Embracing Diversity: Searching over multiple languages

Jeff Zemerick
Suneel Marthi

April 10, 2018
Haystack Conference, Charlottesville, Virginia


Jeff Zemerick
  • Software and AWS Cloud Engineer
  • Contributor to Apache NiFI
  • Committer and PMC on Apache OpenNLP

Suneel Marthi
  • Member of Apache Software Foundation
  • Committer and PMC on Apache Mahout, Apache OpenNLP, Apache Streams


  • What is Multi-Lingual Search ?
  • Why Multi-Lingual Search ?
  • What is Statistical Machine Translation ?
  • Overview of Apache Joshua
  • Dataflow Pipeline
  • Demo

What is Multi-Lingual Search ?

  • Searching
    • over content written in different languages
    • with users speaking different languages
    • both
  • Parallel corpora
  • Translating queries
  • Translating documents

Why Multi-Lingual Search ?

Embracing diversity

  • Most online tech content is in English
    • Wikipedia dumps:
      • en: 62GB
      • de: 17GB
      • it:   10GB
  • Good number of non-English speaking users
  • A lot of search queries are composed in English
  • Preferable to retrieve search results in native language
  • … or even to consolidate all results in one language

UC1 — tech domain, native first

UC2 — native only ?

What is Machine Translation ?

Generate Translations from Statistical Models trained on Bilingual Corpora.

Translation happens per a probability distribution p(e/f)

E = string in the target language (English)

F = string in the source language (Spanish)

e~ = argmax  p(e/f) = argmax p(f/e) * p(e)

e~ = best translation, the one with highest probability

Word-based Translation

How to translate a word → lookup in dictionary
Ge­bäu­de — building, house, tower.

Multiple translations
some more frequent than others
for instance: house and building most common

Look at a parallel corpus
(German text along with English translation)

Translation of Ge­bäu­deCountProbability
house5.28 billion0.51
building4.16 billion0.402
tower9.28 million0.09


  • In a parallel text (or when we translate), we align words in one language with the word in the other
  • Word positions are numbered 1—4

Alignment Function

  • Define the Alignment with an Alignment Function
  • Mapping an English target word at position i to a German source word at position j with a function a : i → j
  • Example
a : {1 → 1, 2 → 2, 3 → 3, 4 → 4}

One-to-Many Translation

A source word could translate into multiple target words

Thisisahigh   risebuilding

Phrase-based Translation

Alignment Function

  • Word-Based Models translate words as atomic units
  • Phrase-Based Models translate phrases as atomic units
  • Advantages:
    • many-to-many translation can handle non-compositional phrases
    • use of local context in translation
    • the more data, the longer phrases can be learned
  • “Standard Model”, used by Google Translate and others

Phrase-Based Model

BerlinisteinherausragendesKunst- und Kulturzentrum.
BerlinisanoutstandingArt and cultural center.

  • Foreign input is segmented in phrases
  • Each phrase is translated into English
  • Phrases are reordered


  • We have a mathematical model for translation p(e|f)
  • Task of decoding: find the translation ebest with highest probability
    ebest = argmax p(e|f)
  • Two types of error
    • the most probable translation is bad → fix the model
    • search does not find the most probable translation → fix the search

Translation Process

Translate this query from German into English


Pick and input phrase, translate

Translation Process

Translate this query from German into English

er  ja noch nichts
he does not yet 

Pick and input phrase, translate

Translation Process

Translate this query from German into English

er trinkt ja noch nichts
he does not yet drink

Pick and input phrase, translate

How Good is the Translation ?

BLEU - BiLingual Evaluation Understudy

  • The Defacto standard today for evaluating Machine Translation
  • Higher BLEU Score => Better Translation
  • Measure of Goodness of Fit of a Machine Translation output with a Human
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BLEU

Apache Joshua

  • Statistical Machine Translation Decoder for phrase-based and hierarchical machine translation
  • Written in Java
  • Provide 64 language packs for machine translation
    • https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/JOSHUA/Language+Packs
  • Project initiated by Johns Hopkins Univ. and University of Pennsylvania
  • Presently incubating at Apache Software Foundation
  • https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/JOSHUA
  • @ApacheJoshua



  • Apache Joshua — https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/JOSHUA
  • Apache OpenNLP — https://opennlp.apache.org
  • Apache NiFi - https://nifi.apache.org
  • GitHub — https://github.com/jzonthemtn/multilanguage-search

NiFi Flow


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